Allways Lounge Events

Allways Lounge and Cabaret is one of our favorite local hangouts here at TogetherWe. The bar is located in a hip area along St. Claude street, which is now one of the trendiest areas in the city. Surrounded by tons of other bars such as Kajuns, Siberia, Cafe Istanbul, and Hi-Ho Lounge, Allways Lounge is a can’t miss. The theater doubles as a full service bar and also hosts daily shows that feature drag and burlesque performers, live music, and so much more!

Here are some of our favorite recurring events hosted here. Watch our events page for more performances so you never miss a thing!

1. Jockstrap Lube Wrestling

Yes, you read that right. Each month, contestants make their way to Allways with hopes of being crowned winner of the jockstrap lube wrestling contest. But in order to win, they’re going to have to get dirty first. Be sure to get there early to get ringside seats, but be warned you may be in the lube splash zone! First prize is awarded $100, second place is awarded a $25 bar tab, and third place is given a bottle of booze. You even get two free shots for signing up to compete. The contest is hosted by famed local queens such as Tarrah Cards, Slenderella and many more.

2. Bella Blue Shows

Bella Blue has been gracing this world with her burlesque performances since 2007 and she is nothing short of a legend. She, along with her producer AJ Strong, put on about 20 shows per month with four or five of those at Allways Lounge. One of the best things about Bella’s is she doesn’t just perform one show for the whole month, but she is constantly changing up her act. Some of her ongoing shows include the Dirty Dime Peepshow and the Graduates – a monthly performance showcasing the graduates of the New Orleans School of Burlesque.

3. Swing Dancing Lessons

Each and every Sunday, the Allways Lounge hosts local swing dance instructors to give the community lessons. While the instruction is free, tips are welcomed and encouraged. Lessons start at 8 pm and are given to those of all experience levels with or without a dance partner present. So even if swing dancing isn’t any of your friends cup of tea, come and you might just meet your new best friend! Dance lessons end at 9 when local musicians begin to perform live until midnight.

4. Bayou Blues Burlesque

Founded in 2016, Bayou Blues Burlesque is already one of the hottest performing arts groups in the city. Their act is truly fascinating and a one of a kind. The performance is a beautiful combination of old blues, burlesque performers, and live music. Catch them the first Friday of each month at Allways Lounge for only $10!

5. Local Uproar Comedy Show

Every Saturday night from 8:00 – 9:30, Allways invites one of NOLA’s best stand up comedy acts to perform. It’s always free and hosted by the hilarious Paul Oswell and Benjamin Hoffman. Nothing is off limits here so be prepared for a raunchy show. Comedy shows are the perfect pregame so come grab a few drinks, get laugh a little and then head out and go dancing!

6. Make Up: Improv and Drag

Make up touts itself as the first and only improv show in the world starring strictly drag artists. While we have not been to every venue in the world to confirm this claim, we can tell you this performance was so good it gave us chills! The local drag kings and queens use a unique combo of audience suggestions, crude humor, and gender deconstruction to wow you. This is a traveling show throughout the city and can be seen at places like Cafe Istanbul and many more, but certainly stops here at Allways.

As you can see, there are events at Allways Lounge for just about anyone. So stop on by, see something new, and spread the word about your new favorite venue!