Backyard Film Fest New Orleans

When Oct 12, 2019 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Where 1815 N Broad St
1815 N Broad St
New Orleans , LA 70119
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* * * * BYFF 2019 * * * *
The one-night-only celebration of the best films you’ve never seen.

Baby you better take off those rose coloured glasses and have a look around.
Fake news, reality TV, cat memes & climate emergencies…
The BYFF 2019 theme is: REALITY CHECK

What’s your wake up call?
( Ours is that really annoying bullhorn sound – you know the one you set when you’ve got an early morning but you also finished that bottle of fernet last night)

Have your say and MAKE A FILM.

Remember, the theme is a jumping off point, you can take it wherever you want. Backyard Film Fest is about encouraging production of films, not just exhibition.
The theme is how we know you made your film for the festival.

Make it weird, make it cheap, just MAKE A FILM.

*** Event Info***
1815 N Broad st, New Orleans, 70119.
Doors: 6:30pm
Films: 7:30pm

Submit films before 11:59pm Oct 6th.
Minimum length: 5 seconds
Maximum length: 5 minutes
>> NO Submission fees!! << For more info go to: IG: BackyardFilm Fest