New Orleans Film Festival | Shorts: Southern Voices, Southern Rooms

When Oct 22, 2019 11:15 am - 1:15 pm
900 Camp St
New Orleans, LA 70130
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USA | 2018 | 11 MIN
DIR: Kevin Contento

Living on the margins of American society, a Florida boy comes in contact with the sacred via a stolen backpack full of rabbits.


Other Black Boys
USA | 2018 | 16 MIN
DIR: Nyles Washington

A queer, black college student is forced to confront the masks he wears from day to day when an old friend comes to visit.


USA | 2018 | 19 MIN
DIR: Faren Humes

Loggy and Alex’s friendship and shared life in Miami’s redeveloping Liberty Square is threatened when Loggy learns that Alex is being relocated to another community.


Quiet and Clear
USA | 2018 | 8 MIN
DIR: Andre Rangiah

Shamed after losing her virginity, a young teenage girl enters an arm-wrestling match with small-town patriarchy to reclaim control over her body.


Will “The Machine”
USA | 2018 | 14 MIN
DIR: Kent Lamm

Pride and ambition run rampant when an off-kilter high school football star finally meets his match.


USA | 2019 | 14 MIN
DIR: Keisha Rae Witherspoon

A film crew follows three grieving participants of Miami’s annual T Ball, where folks assemble to model R.I.P. T-shirts and innovative costumes designed in honor of their dead.


And the People Could Fly
USA | 2019 | 13 MIN
DIR: Roni Nicole Henderson

Based on a childhood memory, And The People Could Fly reimagines an 8 year old girl’s initiation into her role as the family’s deliverer.