Our Mission

The mission of the Hosts of Halloween is to provide funding for Project Lazarus, a home in New Orleans for men and women with AIDS, so that they may provide healthcare and support services for their residents. Project Lazarus, which provides direct AIDS services, is the sole beneficiary of all funds which are raised.

In our 35 year history, we have raised almost $4.5M for Project Lazarus. We are one of the only 100% donation/volunteer event weekends left in the US.



2019 Board of Directors

We’re always looking for motivated, fun, strong leaders for our Board and Committees. Want to be a part of this amazing organization? Email us!


Corporate Board

Neil Savoy: President
Dustin Woehrmann: Executive Board
Ryan Wentworth: Executive Board
Marty Sims: Treasurer


2019 Event Board

The Lazarus Ball:
Tony Leggio: Chair
Renee Rolland

The Main Event:
Neil Savoy: Event Chair
Brent Meche: Vice Chair

Tea Dance on the Pier:
Brandon Bordelon: Event Chair
Chris Baker

Second Line:
Bill Trapp
Rob Sanford

Host Party Committee:
Jonathan McCarty

Aaron Rusich
Jerry Henson

Host Committee:
Bill Trapp
Rob Sanford

Beau Moss
Brent Meche

Steve Rivera: Project Lazarus Director
Lily Hannigan: Project Lazarus Liaison