Entertainer of the Month

April 2018

Entertainer of the Month: April  2018
Blaine Bextor

Special Month:
As the entertainer of the month of April, it just so happens that Blaine’s birthday falls on April 19th!

“When I saw Bambi Bextor on stage at my first drag show, I found out that I lived across the street from her. We became friends and soon she became my drag mother! My mama is a true inspiration and I am proud to have the Bextor name.”

Performance Style:
“I perform all types of music from country to rock to pop, from Maroon 5 to Bruno Mars.”

Where to Catch a Performance:
“You can catch me at Golden Lantern Bar, Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant and at Main Street Lounge in Houma. I am also going to be performing at Splash Nightclub in Baton Rouge in the future. Check my Facebook page for performance updates!”

Loves Most About New Orleans:
“I love that New Orleans embraces all walks of life and celebrates the Southern culture.”

Title Holder:
Mr. Louisiana USofA MI, 2014

Favorite Color:

March 2018

Entertainer of the Month: March 2018
Delish Da Goddess

“When I graduated high school in 2010 I wasn’t really trying to go to college for at least a month so I tried to make as many beats as possible, finding ways to record without a good mic. It didn’t really work out right away, so I registered last minute at Nunez Community College. Once I got a little money I bought a mic that I still use to this day. I was hanging out with my brother and his friends who had a rap group and recorded for hours. I started learning how to mix music by watching them and recording as they made music that was different but fun. I started doing my own music production in 2012 and when I met Bryant Wilms in a coffee shop two years later, he was in the process of curating queer monthly events. He gave me my first 3 shows and I’ve been dancing ever since.”

Performance Style:
“Pure energy and raw sexuality.”

Where to Catch a Performance:
“Y’all can always find me at Poor Boys on St. Bernard Ave. I’m always doing cute shows there and hanging out.”

Loves Most About New Orleans:
“Zatarain’s Creole Seasoning and the people.”

Favorite Color:
“Purple. It’s a dark but bright color and makes the eyes feel warm.”

February 2018

Entertainer of the Month: February 2018
Marshall Harris

Marshall Harris isn’t just a performer—he’s a producer, designer, actor, hair & make-up artist and CEO of his own production company, Artboy Productions. You can find this Art Boy performing not just all over New Orleans as a leading man in shows like ‘Camelot,’ ‘Rocky Horror’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ but also joining the glam teams for national tours of major Broadway tours including ‘Wicked,’ ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Les Misérables,’ and more.

Loves Most About New Orleans:
“The people of New Orleans are what I’m most proud of in this city. You can come here and try to start mess, but true New Orleanians stick together. We’ve weathered many storms together, celebrated many parties a Superbowl win together at a time when we needed to feel hope and a sense of brotherhood again. We are loud, tacky, talented, brash, colorful, and most of all a loving people here. We welcome the world with open arms every day. Now that’s plenty to sing about and be proud of.”

Krewe of Stars:
“One creation I’m super proud of is my belovedKrewe of Stars, a co-owned venture with my dear friend, Carl Mack. It’s designed to celebrate the best in all of us. Dubbed “A Ball for All,” it’s well rooted in Love, Peace, and Harmony among all walks. It’s all about acceptance and celebrating the wonderful things about the talented people who make New Orleans a great city.”

Favorite Music To Perform:
“I enjoy singing jazz standards like ‘All of Me,’ ‘Come Rain or Come Shine,’ ‘My Funny Valentine,’ or ‘How High the Moon’ to name a few. A little know fact about me is that old School Soul and R&B are my favorite genres of music to sing. Legends like Al Green, Earth Wind and Fire, Al Jarreau, Lou Rawls, Shirley Murdock”

Titles Earned:
“The title I’m most proud of is CEO of my own Production Company, Artboy Productions, where I produce and designed my own stage shows and create specialty acts and shows for other events and organizations upon request.”

Cabaret Scene:
“What I’ve enjoyed most in recent years is building small Cabaret shows with my friends Becky Allen and Pianist Jim Walpole. I enjoy the Cabaret scene for it’s small intimate rooms to share songs and a laugh with an audience. I enjoy laughing with the audience, talking with them, bringing them into the stage show”.

Where to find Marshall performing:
“To find my next gig or see my work check my social media.”

January 2018

Entertainer of the Month: January 2018
Dominique DeLorean

Dominique hails from the land of Shreveport, currently lives in Metairie and entertains across the entire state of Louisiana. She has been in the art form of female impersonation for the past 24 years, which confuses us, because we thought she WAS 24 years old!

How It All Began:
“I met my drag mother , Shree’ Welch the first night I set foot in a gay bar. She taught me to base tease a wig (LOL) and most importantly, how the business works and to always be humble.”

Loves Most About New Orleans:
“The culture and the good food.”

Favorite Music To Perform:
“Whatever moves me! I mainly love the 1980’s.”

Where to find Dominique performing:
“Ladies of Oz” at Oz New Orleans
Monthly show at Billy’s Lounge in Slidell, Louisiana

Major Goal:
“To become Miss Gay America someday because that’s where I got my education and my molding. Although I have my time to bow out someday, that’s still a goal nevertheless. Even if I don’t reach that goal, I’m still grateful for my accomplishments and opportunities & I will leave with no regrets because everyone has their own destinies in life.”

Titles Earned:
Miss Gay Louisiana, US of A (2016)
Miss Gay Louisiana America (2005)
Miss Gay America (Top 10, 2004)
Miss Gay Four Seasons LA, US of A (2016)
Miss Gay Shreveport
Miss Central Station
Miss Gay Northwest Louisiana
Miss Gay Metairie America
Miss Gay New Orleans America
Miss Gay Splash America
Miss Gay South Louisiana Globe

Favorite Color: